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Getting ready to Ship Out?

Whether you’re Air Force, shipping out to another base, or Border Patrol, Customs, or Homeland Security headed for an assignment in another area of the country, no worries! Remember how we took care of you when you and your family first came to Del Rio? Well, we are going to take care of you again, as you enter the next chapter in your life.

We understand. You need to sell your home, and you don’t have a whole lot of time. You’ll be focusing on your relocation, and where you’re going to live when you get there. We’ve got this. We’ve been through it many times, with many people just like you.

We’re going to do everything we can to sell your house before you leave. Your property will get maximum exposure to potential buyers. The same way you found your home, when you were the buyer, remember?

OK, so let’s be candid here. Sometimes in life the timing doesn’t work out as well as we’d like. Do not worry. If we don't find a buyer before your departure, you remain in good hands.

Cathy WacaserThis is where Cathy can really set your mind at ease. She’s a Certified Texas Residential Property Manager. She can help you get a good, short term renter, which will cover your mortgage, as she continues to market your property for sale.

To learn more about Cathy and her Expertise in Property Management visit our Property Management page.

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